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Who Me?? Cook From Scratch?? – The Ease of Cooking Real Food

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Yumm! (Savoring every bite.) How often can you sit down to a meal and experience this knowing you are eating something good for your body?

As convenience foods have become the main source of our nutrition over the last 4 or 5 decades, obesity, diabetes, food allergies, and digestive problems have begun to run rampant through all of our societies.

A restaurant meal, or fast food, or processed meals are okay on occasion but our main source of nutrition is best if it comes from real food cooked from scratch.

If the idea of cooking from scratch makes you feel as if you’re in an scratch cookinguphill battle, let’s see if we can help you win each round to win the bou.

First is recognizing the benefits of cooking with real food.ten dollar bill

  • Real food is less expensive
    • A lot of the expense of prepared foods is the packaging that ends up in the trash. The more packaging, the more cash you throw away.  Would it feel better putting some of that cash back in your pocket?
  • Your health and how good you feel
    • When our meals consist mostly of real foods we feel good and function with ecookingnergy and enthusiasm. Our minds and bodies respond well to the quality nutrients we are consuming. Eating real food, cooked from scratch, we don’t suffer the pangs of guilt we feel after giving into our cravings for those empty calorie snacks that only make us want more.
  • Convenience foods are packed with chemical additives
    • Most of the ready to eat foods are packed with a variety of chemical additives. Chemicals that make the foods look good, extenreal food scratch cookunfd their shelf life, and make them irresistible. The manufacturers of these foods are competing for your dollars. They need to make us want their products over their competitors so they make them addictive. They are packaged to appeal to our emotional desires so that beyond your control, you want to buy them over and over. “A Food Addiction!” Refer to my blog article titled “Quick Johnny Spit it Out”
  • Cooking from scratch is fun and easier than you think
    • You can take control of your kitchen. Scratch cooking equals healthy eating. You may think “it’s too much change, I can’t do that”. Yes you can. Do it a little at a time. Start with small, quick meals. Think of it as your own 12-step program to healthy eating.
  • Real foods just plain tastes better
    • Real food cooked from scratch tastes so much better that you can be satisfied eating scratch cookingwith smaller portions. Eating nutritious meals, our bodies don’t crave as much so that we can even enjoy our desserts guilt free. We can still have our cake and eat it too. Just remember “All things in moderation”.

To get started on your own path to real food cooking from scratch, choose a couple of easy fast dishes and plan your steps. You can keep it simple or make it elaborate. The important thing to remember is to plan your moves. For ideas, join me at for a free recipe download. While there, register for my recipe of the month club.

Cooking from scratch is a small part of what we can do to help ourselves improve our health. It’s not as hard as you may think. If you follow me on Facebook you will find many helpful cooking hints.

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